Our Industry. Our People. Their Stories. In Their Words.

Our Stories

These are the stories of those people who commit themselves to this industry and those in their care.



Pastoral Carer, Mercy Place, East Melbourne

“We get to hear their stories, their life stories. We get to carry their stories after they’re gone, and we can take them with us through our life journey.”


Personal Carer, Sunset Lodge, Taralga

“I'm a shoulder to cry on when you can't remember, or when you forget how to speak. I'm the one who will listen to your stories and jokes - even if you've already told me the same one five times today. I’ll still laugh. I'll be the one to make you feel beautiful and give you your dignity when you can't do your hair, or you think that red lip liner goes on your eyebrows. I'll be there when you haven't had visitors in weeks. I'm the one that hears the stories of when you were young, and even when you forget them I'll always remember. I'll be the one who sits and holds your hand, and makes sure you’re comfortable before saying goodbye.”

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Volunteer, Snug Village Christian Homes, Snug, Tasmania

“I just love doing what I’m doing because I get a lot out of it. I know residents and staff enjoy my company, and I can bring some joy and happiness.”


Volunteer, McLean Lodge - Wintringham, Flemington

“These people were genuinely homeless and I wondered what I would say to them…All they wanted was someone to sit with them. And stay. And listen.”

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Lifestyle Manager, CaSPA Care, South Melbourne

“This generation we’re caring for now are just a wonderful generation of human beings who hold so much knowledge, wisdom and inspiration.  What they can share and what we can learn from them is just amazing.”


Lifestyle Coordinator, Alwyndor Aged Care, Adelaide

“I've loved every minute of all my jobs working in this industry, I really feel as though I found the perfect working environment for me.”

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Personal Care Assistant, Fronditha Care’s Templestowe STORGI facility

“Working in aged care has changed my life and my family’s life.”


Service Manager, Mercy Place, East Melbourne 

“What I love about my job is every day I come to work in a home.”


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Home Carer, Murray Mallee Aged Care Group, Murray Bridge

“I truly feel like I’ve discovered the job I’ve been waiting my whole life to find because I really can’t imagine doing anything else now.”


General Manager, Adventist Senior Living, Cooranbong

“I’ve developed quite a passion for talking for being part of important industry changes and having the opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of people who are at the pointy end of life.  That’s what has really attracted me to this industry and has kept me here.”

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Facilities & Maintenance Coordinator, Dougherty Apartments, Chatswood

“I believe if you go into this work with heart and give of yourself, you will receive ten fold back from residents compared to what you put in.”