Personal Care Assistant, Fronditha Care’s Templestowe STORGI facility

Before I came to Australia in 2003 from South Sudan, I was working with refugees at the UNHCR so that’s why when I arrived here, I wanted to work with people and the community. When I first came here I worked as a cleaner. I would clean in the evening and then in the mornings go to my class to study for my Certificate III. I started here on a work placement and then I was offered a job. I appreciate this community and the management here too. Sometimes there are some challenges with people and language differences but we manage it and our managers support us. We love each other. I think I will continue my job here. I love my job and I love the people here.

A lot of residents when I take leave or a holiday or something like that ask: ‘Where is Tut? Where is Tut?’ Where have you been?’ So they treat me like their son and I treat them as if my family when I work here. I compare them with my mother and my father. I do everything for them. I do everything I can to keep my work good for them.

It’s good to talk with residents and to know what they want. When they ask, you listen. Because they came here because they have no choice. They came here for help. That’s why they’re here. And we come here to help them. We work hard for them as if we would work for our parents. Because we work every day with them they become like our family.

Working here has changed my life. If you compare Australia with a third-world country it’s different. If I’m over there, maybe I can’t get a job? Because I am here I work and I support my family and I do everything I want to do with my life which means working in aged care has changed my life and my family’s life.

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“Working in aged care has changed my life and my family’s life.”